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Wig, Weave, or Clip-ins? 3 Factors to Consider | Boston’s Best Weave – Edition #3

Clip-In Weaves and Wigs

When searching for that perfect new look, it’s tough to know which of the available options will best accomplish our desired goals. If we’re considering a wig, weave, or clip-ins – one thing is obvious, we are in the mood for long beautiful strands of hair. The impulsive side of us says to just run out and buy some clip-ins and start getting ready for the night, but then the rational side chimes in to say that maybe this time we should spring for something a little more permanent, and that actually looks real.

It’s really a much more difficult decision than it originally seems to be, and that’s exactly why we decided to chime in on the subject. We’ve spent some time researching, asking clients, and just old-school brainstorming as to what are the main factors to consider when picking between a wig, weave, or clip-ins. After a thorough review of all the factors we tried our best to narrow it down to the three most important factors that everyone should consider before making a purchase.

It really comes down to how long you want your new look for, how authentic you want the look to be, and also what kind of budget you have to accomplish your goals. Let’s take a quick look at each of these factors, and by the end of this article you’ll be much more prepared to decide which one is just right for you.

Duration: One night, every other week, or everyday?

The first and most important factor to consider is how permanent you want your new look to be. With clip-ins and wigs – you can decide on a daily basis if you want to put your hair in today or not. This can be positive or negative, it really depends on how you look at it. Many of us don’t need or want another thing to pick out when we’re choosing our outfit or getting ready for the night. So if that’s the case – go for the weave! It may take a little longer to initially put in, but you’ll save countless hours in front of the mirror deciding if you should put a wig or clip-ins in tonight. On the other hand, if your not convinced your going to like the new look, wigs and clip-ins can be a great way to test it out for a night or two.

Real-ness: Are you OK with a hair malfunction?

This is one of those factors that isn’t talked about much, but should be considered when making your choice. Wigs and clip-ins can be great temporary solutions, but that is just it, they are temporary. Unfortunately, they typically don’t even last throughout the day. Depending on the wig, it can shift throughout the day, and clip-ins are just notorious for falling out. For some situations this is not a big deal, but for others it can be a make it or break it event, so before choosing make sure to ask yourself if you are indeed OK with the possibility of a hair malfunction.

Price: Which option provides the best value?

You have to admit, clip-ins have wigs and weaves beat on price – but they just don’t provide the satisfaction that a truly new look provides. Wigs and Weaves are both competitively priced, and if you consider the length of time they will last, they are actually a much better value. But, if your on a super budget or just not ready for a weave – go with the clip-ins instead of a low quality wig.

As you can see, without really analyzing your lifestyle and what your current goals are – it’s hard to say which is the best for you. We truly hope that we have provided some information that will help you make your decision. If your considering a weave, or even just want to know if a new look your considering will good or not, give us a call at 857-239-8400 to set-up a free 30 minute consultation, or click here to book an appointment online.