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What Type of Boston Hair Extension is Out-Dated and Causes Damage To Hair?

What Extensions Cause Hair Damage

Some things change so fast.

Lets take fashion for example…

It seems like every week big name celebrities are changing up their style.

I mean, honestly, when does a shirt or outfit still look good a year or two after we buy it?

And for another example, lets consider our favorite cuisine.

You most likely have your favorite dishes that never go out-of-style. Like for me, it’s authentic tacos or a home-made pasta dish with savory alfredo sauce.

And then I’m always falling in love with a different dish at a new restaurant. I’ll want it weekly for a month or two. Then, all of a sudden, I just don’t feel like it anymore. It sounds plain, boring, and although some good memories are attached to the dish – I’m over it.

And honestly, these changes provide the spice of life. It helps to keep things fresh, new, and exciting. It continuously refines our pallet and senses to be able to accept and cherish new and improved flavors, styles, and delicacies.

So just like that old pair of jeans you just don’t want to wear again, or that dish that you’d rather not indulge in….

There is a type of hair extension that is completely out-dated, inefficient, and can even cause damage to your natural hair.

Let’s be honest here, hair extensions have a pretty bad rap.

Now, I know…

You’ve heard some decent things about them lately. But I also know, you’ve heard some horror stories as well. So I completely get why you just aren’t sure if hair extensions are a safe way to add some extra volume and length to your hair.

If I wasn’t in the salon every day staying up-to-date on the latest hair trends, I would still be very hesitant about hair extensions as well.

But let me promise you one two things….

By the end of this article, you may not be ready to give hair extensions a try. And that’s totally fine.

But, you will be able too..

Know exactly why hair extensions have such a bad reputation.

And not only that, you’ll know the type of hair extensions that can actually cause damage to your natural hair. Plus, you’ll know about the new type of semi-permanent extension that has been hard at work cleaning up the mess that the older extension type left.

You see, all those nasty horror stories – like your natural hair falling out….severe damage to your roots and scalp….a dry itchy feeling that just won’t go away….. and even bacterial scalp infections…

…All of these problems actually happened with the out-dated and old school type of extensions. But unfortunately, some salons still use these out-dated methods!

So if you’re going to consider extensions….

Make Sure You DON’T get Glued or Bonded Hair Extensions, Sometimes called Fusion Extensions. These are the type of hair extensions that caused (and continue to cause) all of the problems.

For years, and still to this date, salon professionals still offer this type of extension. And you know why?

Honestly, I don’t know exactly why. But my guess would be it’s one of these two reasons, or maybe even both of them:

  • Salon Professionals Can Be Lazy. They just don’t want to invest the time to learn a new method.
  • Glue-In Extensions can last a few weeks longer. Since they last longer, people think they are getting a better bargain.

But it’s not worth it all. And honestly, Glue-In Extensions, Bonded Extensions, and Fusion Extensions can cause so many problems! Here’s just a few of them….

1. Glue-In Extensions use Hard Bond Adhesives made out of Latex or Acrylic. This makes them extremely uncomfortable. And when you run your hand through your hair, you can feel these hard rigid and lumpy clumps.

2. Chemicals in the glue can cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

3. Fusion Extensions and Glue-In Extensions can take up to 3 hours to install. This makes your appointment extremely expensive since it’s so labor intensive.

4. An Extreme Amount of Pressure is placed on Individual Strands of Hair. Glue-In extensions are attached strand by strand and this can cause too much pressure for the hair and scalp to handle. This leads to permanent hair loss and some people even report headaches starting a few days after installation.

5. Glue-In Extensions and Bonded Extensions are EXTREMELY difficult to remove. This takes time, and even a highly trained professional will end up yanking out some of your natural hair in the process.

6. If glue accidentally gets on your scalp it can clog up the follicles and cause a bacterial scalp infection.

7. We could continue to go on and on. But by this point the dangers and problems with glue based hair extensions should be pretty evident.

So you must be asking…

Why would anyone in the world get Glue-In, Bonded, or Fusion Hair Extensions?

And quite honestly, they shouldn’t. But, historically, glue-in extensions became very popular because they were the first hair extension method that actually worked.

So even though they created a good amount of problems, not everyone had a bad experience. And since it was basically the only way that you could transform your hair in a few hours…. They remained popular for years.

We actually used to install Glue-In Extensions right here in the Salon. But after a few bad experiences, and reading some of the recent research that highlighted the issues we mentioned above, we started to look around for a better option.

And that’s when we came across a completely different way to install extensions. Now I know, it sounds like it’s just a new and improved method which may have some of the similar problems…. But that’s not the case at all…

It’s an entirely different application process.

It requires no glue, and over the past few years – has become the top requested extension method in salons across the country and around the world.

But, we’ve run out of room on this blog. So I’m going to extend this one in to a two part blog series.

Honestly, I thought I could cover both the downsides of the Glue-In Extensions and the upsides to this new type of extension in one blog. But I really didn’t want to cut it short on all the issues and problems created by the old extension type.

So stay tuned to our blog next week. We’re going to continue right where we left off with a blog titled How Tape-In Hair Extensions Rejuvenate and Revitalize Boston Hair. (UPDATE: The blog is now complete, so click the link to read it now). This blog is going to cover all the changes and let you know how and why this new-ish extension type has quickly become the only trusted type of extensions in professional salons worldwide.

If you just can’t wait for the blog and you know you’re ready for extensions – then give us a call at the salon: 857-239-8400. We’ll set you up with a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with one of our Certified Extensionistas!


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