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Three Reasons WE LOVE Virgin Hair by Indique + One Critique

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions Studio 27

When it comes to virgin hair, we all ask the same questions…. Is the hair worth the price? Where does the hair come from? How can I be assured the hair is processed and cleaned correctly? Will I actually get what I ordered, or will there be variation? All are very valid concerns and by the end of this blog, you’ll be caught up on important industry issues, and what Indique has done to perfect standards in a less than perfect industry.

Let’s start with the Critique… It’s actually not about Indique directly, but the Virgin Hair Market as a whole. Since it is an unregulated market that deals with a product that directly relates to humans, it is prime for exploitation and controversy.

Lucky for us, we have Indique. They set the industry standard for maintaining an extremely high level of ethics and also rock-solid processing procedures which make them not only our choice for virgin hair, but the leader and pioneer in the virgin hair industry.

Now that we’ve made sure our virgin hair supplier is trustworthy and reliable, let’s take a look at the three reasons why Indique Virgin Hair is worth the investment:

1. Your new hair will last AT LEAST 12 MONTHS

INDIQUE Hair is not some cheap synthetic or animal-blend that ends up tangled and mangled a few weeks after you buy it. And honestly, it’s not even in the same league as your standard Sew-In or Glue-In weaves which typically only last 3-6 months.

With Indique Virgin Hair, you can expect your new hair to last AT LEAST 12 months. The average lifespan of Indique Virgin Hair is 18-24 months, with some people even keeping their hair for up to 3 years!

2. With Indique, You ACTUALLY know WHAT YOU’RE GETTING

INDIQUE Hair is 100% Human and 100% Remy. Say, what? It basically means Indique NEVER mixes in cheap alternatives or harsh chemicals so your hair not only looks amazing when you leave the salon – but stay’s in pristine shape just as natural human hair does.

Instead of mixing and matching hair, they keep the original hair in its free flowing form, this makes sure all the hair cuticles are running in the same direction from root to end, virtually eliminating tangling and quality issues of other companies.

3. And that brings us to our third reason: Indique is local!

Now obviously they aren’t sourcing their hair locally, but the company launched right here in Boston!! The hair comes from India and a few other Southeast Asian countries and then travel’s here to Boston to go through the industry’s premier cleansing and processing process which sets Indique apart! Even though they are an international company, being Boston based is an extra bonus as they are contributing to growing our local economy.

Now you can easily see why we Picked Indique as the only virgin hair supplier trusted and endorsed by STUDIO 27. If you’re interested in INDIQUE hair, let’s setup a time to meet and go over what options will work best for you. To setup your free consultation, call STUDIO 27 at 857-239-8400.

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