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Three FILLING South End Boston Lunch Specials for Under $10

Tremont 647 Boston South End

Are you as fed up as we are with these prices lately?
From cars to clothes… fees to fines… everywhere we look… things are only getting more and more expensive.
Look at Uber! They just increased the minimum fare by over 20%. And then you have the MBTA. On July 1st (tomorrow!) they will be raising prices across the board by an average of 10%.
And those are just two examples from the transportation sector! When it comes to lunch, its getting nearly impossible to find a real deal these days.

We’ve seen restaurant after restaurant take the lunch special right off the menu. Or they jack the price up so high that it honestly shouldn’t even be called a special.

The day’s of getting a quick and filling $5-10 lunch special are long gone. Or are they?

We don’t want to get your hopes up too much, so we’re going to be completely upfront here. The $5 lunch specials are gone, and it’s safe to assume they’re gone forever.

BUT – that doesn’t mean you have to spend much more on a good lunch – you just have to know where to go.

One of the extra perks of being in the salon everyday is that we get to know all the business owners here on the South End, and we also get tons of information from our clients and friends.

And that’s exactly why we thought we should let you know about our FAVORITE South End lunch specials.

We may be spending more than $5 for lunch, but to tell you the truth – we don’t spend that much more!

And we wouldn’t just recommend a place for price only – the food has to be both filling, tasty, and quick – and that’s exactly what these Three South End Lunch Specials deliver:

3. Lunch Bento Box Specials @ SEIYO Sushi – 1721C Washington St, Boston – South End

Seiyo Sushi Boston South End
SEIYO is the real deal. They are the most expensive special on the list, but since you can fill up with some amazingly good Japanese food for $10 and under, we had to include them. They have six different Bento boxes available for $10 or less, and these are not some skimpy small meal.

The Bento box comes with miso soup, salad, fruit, rice, and your choice of Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp Tempura or a few other options. We typically show up at about 1 PM when the lunch rush has died down. And unless you go out and run a marathon, you’ll be full until dinner!



2. The Wholy Bowl @ The Wholy Grain – 275 Shawmut Ave, Boston – South End

The Wholy Grain Boston South EndEven though this is not technically a special, we had to include it on the list. The Wholy Grain has a whole selection of healthy and filling sandwiches ranging from $7-9. Choose from options like Chicken Bacon Avocado, Roast Turkey Cranberry, Brie Pesto Chicken, and many many more.

But our personal favorite here is… The Wholy Bowl. The Wholy Bowl is really a whole meal in a bowl and at only $7.65 – it’s a steal of a deal! So if your feeling bogged down from the day and need a healthy lunch to boost you up – try The Wholy Bowl.

The bowl comes with rice, beans, guacamole, olives, cilantro and then your choice of Wholy Sauce (Highly Recommended), salsa, or sour cream and cheese. The flavors come together wonderfully and it fills you up without bogging you down.

1. TACO Tuesdays @ Tremont 647 – 647 Tremont St, Boston – South End

Tremont 647 Boston South EndAnd just a few doors down from us is Tremont 647 with TACO TUESDAYS!! Yes, it’s only one day a week, but it’s well worth remembering.

Almost every Tuesday you’ll find us running out of the salon to pickup our tacos. If you’re on a super tight budget you can actually still get lunch here for under $5. But we typically get 2 or 3 tacos plus a drink, so the entire lunch is just shy of the $10 mark – it’s a steal!

You can take your pick from Pork, Chicken, Beef, Veggie, or Fish. But selection does change weekly, so some weeks you may not be able to get your favorite – but we’ve tried them all – and they are all delicious.

So that wraps it up. We’ll come back and update this post if we find a better deal, or if you already know of one – let us know in the salon or leave a comment below to let everyone know about it!

And if you want to setup an appointment with one of our Professional Stylists then give us a call at 857-239-8400, click here to book online, or just stop by the salon at 780 Tremont St., Boston.

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