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Ten Tips For Beautiful Spring Ready Hair

Ten Steps For Beautiful Spring Ready Hair

Winter’s harsh, cold and dry air can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Battle the breakage with some pampering and hydrating treatments now that spring is here and get your tresses bouncing and beautiful again. Here are some tips to help get your glory back:

  1. The first step to beautiful hair is knowing and embracing your hair type. Is your hair dry, oily, curly or straight? Cater the products you use to your hair type and only choose high quality, professional products.
  2. Use Vitamin E oil to start the process to soft, silky hair. Vitamin E has been known to increase circulation when massaged into the scalp, which helps strengthen hair follicles. It also helps smooth dry and brittle hair when worked into the rest of the hair. Eating foods rich in vitamin E such as spinach, almonds, avocados and olive oil will help maintain healthy hair.
  3. Brush your hair twice a day. The natural oils in your scalp will coat the rest of your hair and act as a natural shining agent.
  4.  Use hair products based on the season — and how your hair reacts to the change in weather. If your hair becomes really dry in the winter and oily in the warmer months, switch hair products accordingly as the seasons change for healthy hair.
  5. Trim your tresses. Cutting your hair regularly leads to healthy, beautiful looking hair. Over time, split ends develop from over styling, harsh products and the elements. Trimming your hair every six weeks will ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated.
  6. Use a spray detangling moisturizer before using a heat element like a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. This will protect the hair against high heat that can cause breakage and split ends resulting in dry hair.
  7. Rinse hair in cold water. Hot water will only increase dryness, so use cool water to rinse hair. Cool water will also help hair look shinier too.
  8. Use a deep conditioner frequently. Deep conditioning hair that is already brittle and is chemically treated is essential to getting healthy hair and may be needed every two weeks until the hair begins to recover.
  9. Use high quality, natural ingredients. Using products filled with chemicals will only lead to damaged hair. Don’t be fooled by glossy advertisements that promise to save you a few dollars! Make an investment in maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. Even though professional products may be more expensive than the supermarket brands upfront, you’ll spend less overall using products that are of higher quality—you’ll have less damage control to contend with later.
  10. Remember, “Hair is a woman’s glory” and should be treated as such!

Follow these ten tips for spring hair to improve your hair health. Visit Studio 27, a Paul Mitchell salon, today to treat your hair to a moisture rich steam conditioning treatment.