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How Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Really Work?

Remy Tape-In Hair Extensions

Let’s start with the basics….

We found a great five minute video which we recommend watching to get an introduction to tape-in hair extensions. Elle explains why she likes tape-in extensions and even gives a short demo of how they are placed in the hair. We liked it so much, we figured it was better to just feature her video than to go in to length explaining the process again.

One thing we want to caution you about, we don’t recommend buying your hair online. So please disregard the part about the coupon code and online ordering. As a GLAM Certified salon, we get wholesale prices, so you will save even more than the offered coupon code by coming in to the salon. Plus, we spend the time with you selecting hair that is going to look completely natural while accomplishing your desired look.

So check out Elle’s video by clicking play below. Then when it’s over, scroll down and we touch on a few more important details about the tape-in hair extension process…

On average, tape-in hair extension appointments last around one hour. Sometimes an initial install can take a little longer, it really depends on your hair and how much volume we are adding. Our extensions come in 2-inch sections, just like you saw placed in Elle’s hair. These two inch sections are typically applied horizontally, but they can also be layered to create different desired looks. Your natural hair goes in between two sections of Keratin tape which applies the weight evenly so you don’t feel any tug and it doesn’t risk damage to your hair or scalp.

Were you wondering what Keratin is? Glad you Asked!! 🙂 Keratin is what natural hair is made out of, so by using keratin in the tape, it makes for a natural adhesive that is both safe and chemical free.

Even though we’ve tried to explain the process as simple as possible, you always want a professional to install your tape-in hair extensions. Almost anyone can put in extensions, but not everyone can do it right. When tape-in hair extensions are installed properly, you’re guaranteed an enhanced natural look of long luscious locks and the type of volume you’ve only dreamed about!

STUDIO 27 is a Certified GLAM Seamless Salon located in the South End of Boston. To setup your free tape-in hair extension consultation give us a call at the salon, 857-239-8400.


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