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Swimming Hair Tips to Reduce Damage

With the start of summer comes summer fun. Picnics, BBQs, and pool side shenanigans abound for an unstoppably fun summer. But, all that fun can wreak havoc on your hair, especially the pool. Yes, swimming is an excellent, total body workout and can be part of a healthy exercise regime. It can, however, take its toll on your hair in two ways—sun damage and chlorine. Read on for some swimming hair tips to save your tresses from dulling under the sun and water.

Hair Tips to Reduce Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure of the hair to sun can cause damage. No, your hair cannot get sunburned (but your scalp can) or cancer. The UVA and UVB rays can cause the strands to become brittle from the cuticle to its inner core over time. When not in the water, remember to wear a hat while out in the sun for added protection. Paul Mitchell also has a great line of products to help protect the hair during and after sun exposure. Ask your favorite STUDIO 27 stylist about which Paul Mitchell SUN product would work best for your hair type and level of sun exposure.

Hair Tips to Reduce Chlorine Damage

Arguably one of the most damaging elements of summer fun is the effect of chlorine on your tresses. Those who are blonde or light hued may even find that their hair will start to turn green, a definite sign of over exposure! Even if your hair doesn’t turn a sickening shade of green, chlorine still will have a bad effect on your hair regardless if you only take one tiny dip into the pool. Chlorine eats away at the natural lubricant that protects hair, called sebum. Over time, ‘swimmer hair’ will have far more split ends and become coarser than those that don’t swim. The stylists at STUDIO 27 recommend Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three after swimming, which will remove the chlorine and other impurities from the hair so you can keep on rocking healthy, glossy tresses.

There’s no need to forgo a rendezvous to the pool because you are worried about messing up your hair. You can easily join in the fun by taking a few protective measures regardless if your hair is relaxed, dyed or natural. Follow the above swimming hair tips and ask your stylist about what you can do to keep your hair in tip top shape.



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