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STUDIO 27 Top Treatment: Tea Tree Oil by Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Hair Scalp Treatment

The Tea Tree Line by Paul Mitchell is quickly becoming our go-to treatment for a shiny tingle that will make your hair feel super soft and smell amazing. You may have even used Tea Tree Oil before, as it’s the active ingredient in a variety of skin care products. Tea Tree Oil has actually been hailed as a miracle oil within the skin care industry, and has now been reformulated to do wonders for the hair.
Even though it’s a fairly new product, we decided it’s definitely worthy enough to be our Top Treatment this month. Before we get into the three reasons why we think you will fall in love with Tea Tree Oil, let’s get caught up on exactly what it is…

Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries by the natives of Australia, where the tea grows abundantly. Resourceful as they were, they found the oil from the tree to be a natural healing agent, and soon prized it for it’s antiseptic properties. Over time they found many other uses for tea tree oil, including it’s wonderful property as a natural moisturizer.

Now we’re caught up on the history, you can see why Tea Tree Oil has quickly become one of the most popular and effective natural moisturizers on the market. It was hard to get it down to just three, but we did our best! Here’s out top three reasons why the think you’ll fall in love with Tea Tree Oil:

1. Tea Tree Oil is Natural – Not A Chemical!

This was a huge plus for us. Nowadays, it seems we are surrounded with products containing harsh chemicals or active ingredients we don’t understand. Paul Mitchell has harnessed the power of Tea Tree Oil without adding in any other harsh chemicals or compounds that none of us want in our hair. To take it a step further the Tea Tree line is both paraben and gluten free.

2. Softens Your Hair + Moisturizes Your Scalp!

Not only will your hair feel, smell, and look great when you walk out of the salon, it will stay that way! Tea Tree Oil lasts through the night so your hair will be just as soft when you wake up! If you want to bring that salon feel home, take a bottle of Tea Tree Oil with you, and apply right after your shower.

3. It’s Affordable – Only $15!!

How much? That’s not a typo! As a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon we get some extra perks and benefits, and we get to pass them on to you! We’re able to offer the Tea Tree Treatment for only $15!! It’s the perfect add-on to any haircut or new style, and once you experience Tea Tree, we’re sure you’ll ask for it every time you come in!

Ready to experience the benefits of Tea Tree Oil by Paul Mitchell? Click here to schedule your appointment online. In a rush? Call the salon at 857-239-8400 or come in to our 780 Tremont St. Location and we’ll get you set up with one of our stylists.


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