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STUDIO 27 Recommends: Our Favorite South End Boston Restaurants

South End Boston Outdoor Dining

I’ve got something to admit…

Working in a salon has SO many extra benefits.

Not only do we get to stay current on the latest style, fashion, and hair trends – we also get intimately involved with the people and businesses here in the South End.

When I say intimately… I’m talking about that special bond formed when your taste buds are set on fire by an exquisitely prepared dish.

When this happens, it’s pure ecstasy!

If you’ve experienced that feeling before, then you share that special passion for food…. The passion that drives us to continue trying new restaurants and dishes so we can experience this joy time and time again.

And being in the salon every day gives us the opportunity to…

Talk about all of our South End food finds on a daily basis… We get to share tips, reviews, specials, event information… share stories about restaurants and dishes that we just absolutely love… and so much more….

So when we make a recommendation, our advice comes from more than just own dining experiences – it’s a combined knowledge from hundreds of our clients, friends, family, and associates.

Now, obviously, we have our personal favorite restaurants.

But to be truly amazing, a restaurant has to be more than just one of our favorites – it has to be raved about by everyone we talk to as well!

That’s when we know we’ve found a place worth sharing. And that’s exactly why we are writing this blog.

So without further a-do, let’s get to our 3 Personal Favorite & Most Recommended South End Boston Restaurants:

Darryl's Corner Bar Boston
3. Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen… Nightly Live Music, Friendly Vibe, & Truly Delicious Food

When you’re in the mood for more than just a meal, Darryl’s is the South End spot to be at. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable and the menu is full of southern style comfort cuisine. So when you’ve had a long day and need a filling dish that takes the stress and anxiety away – stroll on down to Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen.

Let us give you a fair warning – Darryl’s gets BUSY after 7 PM – so if your planning a dinner, we highly recommend making a reservation. You can get a table, but without a reservation you’ll most likely have to wait a bit. But even then, they have live Jazz & Blues almost every day of the week and a nice bar area so you can get a drink and listen to them jam.

The Wholy Grain Boston South End2. The Wholy Grain… Fast Frugal Food that is Healthy, Filling, & Tasty

It’s easy to fall in love with the food and music at Darryl’s. But it’s not so easy to find a place that serves quick, easy, and healthy breakfast and lunch dishes that are absolutely amazing and affordable!

Thats why we just love The Whole Grain. This South End Cafe & Bakery is our go-to place for morning coffee, muffins, and croissants – but you haven’t fully experienced The Wholy Grain menu until you try The Wholy Bowl.

One of our clients turned us on to the Wholy Bowl after being in disbelief that we hadn’t tried it. And we totally agree with her… It’s the perfect QUICK & HEALTHY lunch that fills you up without loading you down.

Teranga Restaurant South End Boston1. Teranga… Exquisite, Exotic and an Essential South End Dining Experience

When you need an uplifting and unique evening – we found just the place. Teranga is our all time favorite South End Restaurant. So when you’re sick of the “some ol’ same ol’” menu selection then head to Teranga for a tasty cultural cuisine that over-delivers on every aspect of a truly tremendous dining experience.

Teranga is Boston’s only Senegalese restaurant – and that’s most likely because nobody wants to compete with them. The owner comes from a long line of restaurateurs and he has put together a menu that will please the most discerning food critic in us while being moderately easy on the wallet as well.

If your not familiar with Senegalese cuisine – do yourself a favor and check out Teranga – you’ll thank us later. Senegal is located in the North Western portion of Africa and their food has been inspired by a a blend of French, Asian, Arabic, and African cuisines. It’s one of a kind, and it’s right here on the South End of Boston.

That wrap’s it up! And now you can surely agree, working and being in a salon definitely has its benefits! But even though we have a passion for food – our real passion is hair.

So come on in to the salon, call us at 857-239-8400 or book your appointment online. We’re an award-winning South End Boston salon that provides truly professional haircuts, new styles, weaves, extensions, and more!

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