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Studio 27 Hair Removal Waxing

Are you ready for a quick and easy waxing process that you don’t have to repeat every day?

What if we told you one simple treatment would give you smooth and silky skin for WEEKS?

It sounds to good to be true right?

Well, it’s not!

Although we’ve relied on our razor for years….

It comes to a point when all of us get fed up with the cuts, nicks, bumps, rashes and irritations that are caused by our shaving ritual.

Plus we have to consider how much time we spend shaving. If you add it all up most of us will spend two to six hours or more shaving every single week!

And the worst part is… Right when we finish shaving we know the hair is already growing back! It’s a never ending cycle that is impossible to slow or stop with a razor!

That’s exactly why all of our stylists here at STUDIO 27 have switched from shaving to waxing. And guess what?

Now you can do the same! STUDIO 27 and our Professional Estheticians can wax it all… legs… arms… bikini area… eyebrows… lip.. chin… mustache…  and more. You’ll be amazed at how one quick and easy appointment can take away all your unwanted hairs for up to six weeks!

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Here’s the difference…

When you shave you slice the hair where it exits the skin. This leaves the root of the hair intact and it just keeps growing without ever skipping a beat. But waxing is different.

When you wax the entire hair follicle gets pulled out at the root. This means you’ll have silky smooth skin for days… weeks… a month… and sometimes even more without having to re-wax!

Brow Wax $15
Lip Wax $5

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to shave again? STUDIO 27 is South End Boston’s #1 Salon For Waxing. Our Professionally Trained Estheticians are able to deliver a Pain-Less* waxing experience that will take the hair away and keep it gone for longer. Call our salon at 857-239-8400 to schedule your appointment or click here to book online.

*** What Exactly Is a Pain-Less Waxing Experience? ***

We’re not going to lie to you…

Waxing can cause a little pain. But it’s not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. The trick to a Pain-Less waxing experience is working with a Professionally Trained & Licensed Esthetician who has the training and experience required to minimize pain and discomfort.

And that’s exactly what our STUDIO 27 Estheticians provide. They’ve went through intense on-the-job and classroom training to make sure they have the expertise required to reduce the amount of pain during your waxing treatment. That’s why we call it Pain-Less.

In fact, we have client after client tell us that their anticipation and worry before waxing was the worst part. Some of them even say they have come to enjoy the experience. And every single client who filled out our waxing report card said they only experienced a fraction of the discomfort when compared to their past waxing experiences.

But our estheticians do more than just provide a Pain-Less Wax. If it’s your first time just let us know and we’ll talk you through the process every step of the way.

You’ll know exactly what to expect. And our estheticians will make sure you’re calm, relaxed, and ready to experience the only temporary hair removal solution that provides silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks!

Is it true that waxing can actually cause hair to stop growing back?

Waxing has so many rumors that are exaggerated or mostly untrue. But this is not one of them. And here’s why…

When you wax you rip out the entire root of the hair. So the hair has to go through a much more in depth process to re-grow again. Compare this to shaving where you just cut the hair at the skin level.

When you shave the hair is never interrupted from growing. It doesn’t even know it’s been cut! So it just keeps growing and growing and the cycle of growth is never interrupted.

When you wax the cycle of growth is completely disrupted. The hair now has to re-grow a new root and start from scratch. And a lot of times the hair just won’t re-grow. This leads to a thinning out process which means less and less hair wherever you continually wax!

Are you ready to start experiencing what a breakthrough waxing can be? STUDIO 27 is South End Boston’s Full Service Salon for All Your Skin Care Needs. Stop by the salon, call us, or click here to book your waxing appointment online. We’re so confident in our services that we’re currently giving free waxing consultations. Just give us a call at 857-239-8400 to schedule your consultation.