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Tape-In Hair Extensions

Brunette Tape-In Hair Extensions

Are you ready for a tape-in hair extensions experience that will give you longer locks and volume in one quick and easy appointment?

STUDIO 27 is South End Boston’s only GLAM CERTIFIED Seamless Tape-In Extension Salon which means our professional stylists know the ins and outs to Tape-In Hair Extensions so that you can get natural looking volume and length without risking damage to your current hair.

After you experience the beauty and ease of tape-in extensions, you’ll never again consider expensive and time-intensive bonded extensions which require constant maintenance to make sure they are looking and behaving correctly. With tape-in hair extensions from STUDIO 27, you get a completely natural look that doesn’t restrict how you can style or treat your new hair. That’s right, tape-in extensions don’t require any sort of special treatment – allowing you to wash, curl, style, tone, and even color your hair without messing up your new extensions or your natural hair!


That’s the exact reason tape-in extensions have become the #1 choice for celebrities, salon professionals, and fashionistas from Hollywood to New York – and now you can get the same style right here at STUDIO 27 Boston.

PRICING: Tape-In Hair Extensions

  • Prices vary depending on hair type and style, please call for pricing or schedule a free consultation

STUDIO 27 provides a NO-OBLIGATION quote and FREE Tape-In Extension consultation. This 30-minute consultation gives you the opportunity to find out what tape-in colors and styles will work best with your hair, and gives our professional stylists time to come up with the best plan to achieve the style that you desire. If you’re ready to schedule your free consultation, call our salon at 857-239-8400.

Still not convinced that Tape-In Extensions are the way to go? Continue reading to find out exactly why tape-in hair extensions provide more value than any other extension method – making you look and feel great – without costing a fortune…

It’s not always about price, but we are consumers too, so we completely get it! When a decision involves both our money and our hair – we have to be absolutely sure to get the most value out of our hard earned cash. That’s one of the main reasons we personally fell in love with GLAM Seamless tape-in extensions. The amount of value you get from your initial hair purchase is unheard of when it comes to extensions! Our exclusive partnership with GLAM enables us to offer our customers the lowest possible pricing on 100% REAL, 100% REMY, natural virgin hair. You may be thinking, well… that sounds expensive? And that’s actually the beauty of it, when you consider how long the hair lasts, it actually makes it LESS EXPENSIVE! Here’s why…

Our tape-in hair extensions are made of real virgin hair – which basically means it’s the same as your natural hair! Other cheap hair extensions get frizzy and don’t keep that natural look for very long, but with GLAM tape-in extensions, the real remy hair allows you to re-install your extensions up to three times! On average, your new extensions will last for 6-8 weeks before you’ll need to come back in to get them re-applied, but that second and third appointment is just a quick and easy service appointment, you don’t have to purchase any new hair! That means you can get up to 6 months out of your one initial purchase, and that’s 2-3 times longer than ANY of the cheaper extension brands we’ve come across.

Ready for long luscious locks that will make all the heads turn without emptying your purse? Call STUDIO 27 at 857-239-8400 to schedule your free consultation. Our professional GLAM Certified stylists are ready to work with you to see what colors and style will bring new life to your already beautiful hair.


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Professional Tape-In Hair Extensions @ STUDIO 27 South End Boston

Tape-In Hair Extensions