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Hair Treatments

Boston's Best Hair Treatments
Our hair treatments are the perfect way to help restore your hairs natural beauty and shine. STUDIO 27 Hair Treatments range from quick and easy – which perfectly compliment any haircut or new style – all the way to full restoration and straightening treatments that will have you leaving the salon looking and feeling your best. No matter your hair type, straight, curly, dreaded, or frizzy – STUDIO 27 has the perfect treatment for you. We have listed details of our most popular treatments below, but feel free to call us at the salon to schedule a free consultation if you’re not sure which treatment is right to achieve your desired goals.

Hair Treatments:

  •  Awapuhi Keratriplex™ Treatment: $35
  • Awapuhi Hydratriplex Treatment:35
  • Marula Oil Intensive Masque Treatment: $35
  • New Plastic: $350
  • Reconstructor: $30
  • GK Protein: $25
  • Hydration Mask: $25
  • Tea Tree Hair & Scalp: $15


You can now schedule treatments online, click here to book a treatment or call the salon at 857-239-8400.


Awapuhi Keratriplex™ Treatment

Our most popular introductory treatment that quickly and effectively fixes damaged hair in one sitting. If you want your hair to behave and feel smoother, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratriplex™ is the perfect treatment for your damaged or split hair. Awapuhi Juice is native of Hawaii and has been used for centuries due to the softening effects it is has on coarse hair. Not only does it soften, it provides a beautiful radiant shine.



Marula Oil Intensive Masque Treatment

Marula Oil is the perfect treatment for thick, coarse, or unruly hair. For years it has been successfully used in the skincare industry and now has been re-formulated to hydrate, replenish, moisturize and protect your beautiful hair. If you’ve ever had an Argan Oil Treatment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Marula Oil as it is much more effective in hydrating, taming, and providing that soft luscious hair you’re looking for.



The Best Treatment

Rightly named, The Best Treatment by Global Keratin is basically replacing the Brazilian Treatment and other popular hair straightening treatments as they just can’t compete with the results that The Best Treatment provides. The Best Treatment is extremely effective at straightening your hair while providing a smooth, silky, and shiny look and feel without harsh chemical additives. If you’re looking for a treatment that will eliminate the frizz and curls for up to 5 months, then treat yourself to The Best Treatment by Global Keratin. The Best System is truly The Ultimate Hair Taming System and provides a tremendous value when you consider the length of time your hair will be free of tangles, curls, and unwanted frizz. We’re currently running a special on The Best Treatment with pricing as low as $225. Price depends on length and thickness of hair.



ApHogee Treatment

ApHogee is a patented two-step treatment which is extremely effective at restoring damaged hair. Once applied and heated, the magnesium and modified proteins fuse to your hair – providing instantaneous results. With only one application, your hair will be restored to its normal healthy condition while also greatly reducing breakage.



GK Protein

GK Protein is the ideal protein treatment to add-on to your new cut or style. It quickly turns dull, dry, and damaged hair into beautiful, smooth, and soft hair – restoring your hairs natural beauty and shine!



Hydration Mask

Usually when you think of masks, you think of skincare, but this treatment does wonders for the hair. Think of it as an extreme conditioner that when applied properly can fix severely dry hair or locs! If re-hydrating your hair is the goal, then schedule a hydration mask treatment today.



Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment

At only $16, it’s one of our favorite treatments! Tea Tree Oil is a natural product which helps soothe and treat the scalp while also moisturizing and conditioning the hair. It quickly reconditions and repairs the hair while also providing ongoing protection.



Ready to make an appointment? To speak with one of our stylists, call STUDIO 27 at 857-239-8400 or click here to book your appointment online.

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Hair Treatments