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Hair Extensions


 If long locks are your style, then STUDIO 27 can help you achieve the look by adding flowing, beautiful length to your natural hair with natural, soft bonding hair extensions and weaves. Our Stylists use techniques that are gentle and proven to be safe for the natural hair so you never have to worry about damaging your natural hair to attain the style you want.


Back in the early 20th Century only the super rich could afford hair extensions or weaves as it was a very time consuming and expensive process to go through.

Today the methods have improved greatly and our stylists can give you a great new look with very affordable and great looking hair extensions and  weaves. Natural looking hair extensions or weaves are hard to come by but our customers tell us the results from our professional hair extensions and weaves are the best in Boston. STUDIO 27 is the premier Boston, MA hair salon with years of experience adding hair extensions or weaves to your beautiful hair. STUDIO 27 is a full service salon offering both glue-in and sew-in hair extensions and  weaves. Glue-in extensions can easily be removed and and are an inexpensive way to see how you look with long luscious hair. Sew-in weaves and hair extensions are more permanent and  is the best way to enhance your image and appearance immediately.

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To book your appointment for your new look you can use our online booking tool or call our salon today at 857-239-8400. To read what our customers think about our Salon please see our Testimonials page.


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Hair Extensions