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Black Hair Care

Black Hair Care

Boston’s Best Black Hair Care Is Here!

Let’s face it… With black hair care we can’t go to any neighborhood salon and expect that they will be able to properly care for our hair. If a hair stylist is used to dealing with straight hair they just won’t have the experience required to care for super curly hair.

With straight hair the only thing that changes is the thickness and color. But our hair has unique individual characteristics that combine to give each of us our own beautiful look. And these unique qualities make it difficult to learn how to care for black hair.

Do you remember how many different styles you tried before finding one that you absolutely loved?

Sometimes it’s 3. Sometimes it’s 5. And some of us try over 10 styles before we find one that fits us perfectly.

And this is exactly why we need a black hair salon with stylists that have experience with black hair care.

Here at STUDIO 27…

No matter your hair type – wavy, kinky, or curly – our black hair care specialists have the experience required to help you achieve a new look that enhances your natural beauty.

We do so much more than just ask how you would like your hair. We’ll take the time to get to know a little about you and the different hairstyles you’ve tried or would like to try. Then we’ll make some recommendations on looks that match your personal style and hair type.

Our stylists have over 32 years of combined experience working with all types of black hair. We know that your hair is uniquely individual with a style and flair all its own. You might be looking to go all natural and curly, relaxed and straight, or maybe it’s time for locks, cornrolls, twists, braids, or a weave.

Whatever look you are going for our black hair stylists have the experience and knowledge to recommend styles that will work perfect with your texture, length, and facial structure.

STUDIO 27 is South End’s Boston #1 Salon For Black Hair Care. Come on in and experience why over 1000+ clients rave about our services. You can schedule your appointment online or just give us a call at 857-239-8400.

From the first time you walk in…

You’ll be absolutely amazed. Our salon features the latest state-of-the-art equipment in a modernly fresh upscale design. But that doesn’t mean we keep a stuffy atmosphere. We’re all very down to earth and enjoy a great conversation with plenty of smiles and laughter.

So come on in, grab a cup of coffee and lets chat about what styles will best compliment your unique features. Together we’ll come up with the perfect new style that will look and feel amazing. But we don’t just stop there. We always recommend different tips and tricks that will help you accomplish the same look at home. That way you’ll be able to look and feel great each and every day.

From natural black hair care services like a shampoo and blow, press and curl, cornrolls, twists, dreadlocks, braids…. We do it all!

Plus if you want an easy way to add length and volume we can transform your look in one appointment with a weave or tape-in hair extensions. In fact, just last year we won an award for the Best Hair Extensions in Boston. Or if you want a straight and relaxed look then consider our professional hair relaxing services by Affirm or Mizani.

No matter the occasion…. STUDIO 27 will help you accomplish a fresh new look that is absolutely stunning. We’re so confident in our black hair stylists that we’re now offering free 30-minute consultations. Give us a call at 857-239-8400 to setup your free consultation or to book an appointment. Or just click here to book your appointment online.

Natural Black Hair Care Services

It can be a huge decision to go all natural. But what a life changer it can be. Once we choose to embrace our natural beauty this radiant shine emanates from the inside and pours out into all aspects of our life. But going all natural doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun with our hair. So if you want to keep it all natural just make sure you stick with services and treatments that enhance your natural beauty without the use of chemicals.

You can add some all natural excitement with cornrows, twists, braids, or locks. Or just come in for a shampoo and blow. For all of our natural black hair care services we work together with you to create a beautiful new look without the use of chemical based treatments.

PRICING: Natural Black Hair Care

  • Trim: $30
  • Cut: $50 and up
  • Shampoo and Blow: $45 and up
  • Shampoo and Set: $45 and up
  • Press and Curl: $60 and up
  • Cornrows: $65 and up
  • Twists: $90 and up
  • Rod Set: $75 and up

Black Hair Relaxers & Treatments

Curly hair gives us so many options. At anytime, we can decide to permanently straighten it with professional hair relaxers. Or, we can let it grow back in its naturally curly state. So if you feel its time for a change then schedule a free consultation so we can see what relaxers or treatments will work best for your hair type and texture.

PRICING: Hair Relaxers / Treatments

  • Affirm $95 and up
  • Mizani $95 and up
  • Narobi $95 and up
  • Full Relaxer $110 and up
  • Spot Perm (nape) $50 and up

Hair Weaves / Extensions

Sometimes we just want a little extra length and volume without waiting months for it to grow in. And this is where weaves are absolutely perfect. They are an easy way to transform your hair all in one appointment. But when choosing a weave…

Make sure you choose someone with the experience you need to help select and install your new weave. Check out our blog series titled Boston’s Best Weave to learn everything there is to know about weaves. From care and maintenance tips to selecting the best weave… we cover it all.


  • Sew-in $275 and up
  • Weave/Extension Shampoo $55 and up
  • Weave Takeout $50

Ready to experience the STUDIO 27 difference? Call us at 857-239-8400 to speak with one of our black hair stylists today. We’ll get you setup with an appointment or a free consultation – just let us know what you prefer. Or click here to book your appointment online.

Black Hair Care