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Just In Time For Fall…. New Student Discount Program @ STUDIO 27

Florida Summer Studio 27 Boston

Have you ordered your books yet? If not, you better get searching to find the best deals before they are gone. If you have some extra cash left over from your bargain book hunting, or just feel like you’re ready for a new look or color this semester, then check out STUDIO 27 for your one-stop hair salon where you can get a discount on your first visit – just for being a student!

That’s right, student life is tough, and the last thing you need is extra stress by not keeping up with your haircare, or worrying too much about how your hair isn’t in pristine shape after a summer of fun on the lake or at the beach.

Or, maybe you had summer school which forced you to stay inside? I’m sure you still found the time to get out and enjoy some of that summer sun, and that sun, as you learned in your environment or health class – causes damage to your skin and hair (teachers sometimes forget to tell us about hair damage since it is more aesthetic, but you know it all too well since you can feel and see the damage).

But you didn’t come to our site to hear about damaging UVA and UVB rays, you were looking for a discount right? In celebration of the new semester, STUDIO 27 is offering students a 10% discount on any service or product purchased on their first visit. That’s right, you can get 10% off a haircut, color, extensions, and/or a hair treatment! Basically everything on your first visit will be discounted by 10%!

Unlike book deals that end as you get nearer to the start of the semester, we will keep the deals going all semester for students…. Even though we can only offer 10% off your first visit, you can come in anytime during the semester and receive 10% off any of our take-home hair care products.

Just make sure to mention that you’re a student and bring in some sort of proof, as we can’t afford to give out the discount to just anyone. If you would like you can schedule your appointment online (your discount will be applied when you visit the salon) or call the salon at 857-239-8400 to book your appointment today.

*** This offer can’t be combined with any other offers, specials, or sales ***

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