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How To Choose a Stylist in Boston

Our hair is a very personal thing. It’s part of what defines us and how we want to be perceived. We groom it to suit our profession, use it as an accessorize our outfits for a first date or pull it up and get it out of the way when we actually have time to focus on our fitness. Needless to say, it’s how we show off our personality. How to choose a stylist in Boston, is such an important decision to make sure we stay looking our best at all times

We have all had at least one experience where we trusted someone to get our hair JUST right, and unfortunately, it went SO wrong. We brush the cat hair off our laps and take our horrid hair out the door while thinking WHAT DO I DO NOW? After a few jaunts to the car and maybe a few tears, we seek advice from friends and family and browse web pages of area salons, determined to never let that experience happen again.

To make sure that day never happens again, we’ve compiled a checklist of things to look for when choosing a stylist in Boston:

  1. Education: All stylists should be certified in Massachusetts before they do any procedure — hair, nails, or skincare. Reputable salons only hire those who have a degree from a certified beauty school and an established portfolio of happy clients. All stylists are required to display their certification wherever they work. If you don’t see one, don’t be shy to ask them about their education, certification and even their speciality.
  2. Speciality: If you prefer a type of hairstyle over others, look for someone who has experience and has developed that style as part of their repertoire. You want someone who can confidently maintain your hairstyle without having to consult books, other stylists or who try to ‘wing it’. Chances are, winging it isn’t going to look very good and you can end up shelling out a lot of money fixing a less than a satisfactory new style.
  3. Personality: Professional stylists should provide more than just great service. We sit in their chair every 2-6 weeks to achieve the style we are maintaining or looking for. You want a stylist who can be a friend and consultant, not just another stylist. When we find a great stylist we feel comfortable asking advice on more than just hair and makeup! It makes sense to ensure that the person we choose is someone we like and can grow to see as a friend or even better, part of the family!

Have you ever hired a nanny out of the phone book? Not a chance. Stylists should and can be interviewed in the same way. It is recommended to visit 2-3 salons and interview potential stylists to see who you clique with and who can provide the service and style you have only dreamed about. Any stylist who is not available for a free consultation prior to an appointment should be crossed off your list immediately. This should give you a good start and hopefully, we answered that difficult question of how to choose a stylist in Boston.

Check out our stylists at STUDIO 27 HERE. We look forward to answering any questions and meeting you soon!



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