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Healthy Hair Tips for Boston’s Cooler Weather

Did you know hair is made of dead cells? Don’t let your hair look the part! With an impending drop in temperature, some of us with already dry locks are starting the turn of the season in panic mode. To keep it simple: Keep Calm and Condition On. If you’re like most of us, keep reading for even more much needed healthy hair tips for this frigid Boston weather….

Top 5 Healthy Hair Tips for Boston Weather

  1. Condition, condition, condition. Stave off dryness with a deep conditioning treatment. Talk to your stylist on what the best product for your hair type will get the look and feel you want. We suggest The Masque by Paul Mitchell. Or, indulge in a deep conditioning treatment at the salon. It’s worth it!
  2. Don’t wash your hair every day. Washing your hair every day can actually cause more damage as it strips your hair of natural oils. When you do shampoo, opt for one that is gentle and free of chemicals.
  3. Protect your hair from heat. ALWAYS use a heat protectant , such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal, prior to blow drying, using a curling iron or straightener. Daily use of these tools can cause split ends or even hair loss if you aren’t diligent about protecting the strands from high heat.
  4. Don’t brush wet hair. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to gently untangle wet hair. Brushing damp hair can cause breakage. Think of your hair as an elastic band; the more you pull on it, the more likely it is to kink and break.
  5. Use a finisher on ends after styling. These types of products vary widely depending on your hair type. For curly hair, Round Trip by Paul Mitchell adds bounce and texture to natural curls. For straight, soft trusses, Glass Drops by Paul Mitchell will bring shine and smoothness.

So, keep calm and party on with beautiful hair this season. Don’t forget to stop by STUDIO 27 for expert help in maintaining a glorious head of hair that looks alive with shine and movement.


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