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Five Easy To Follow Rules For Proper Shampooing



You may be asking, “What are you talking about? You lather up, rinse, add conditioner, dry and go!” Sounds simple enough, but most people would be surprised to find that the way they shampoo and condition their hair may actually be causing more damage than good.

Follow these five easy rules to proper shampooing:

Rule #1: Pre-shampoo

This rule is especially important to those who are rocking the natural look, have recently treated their hair with relaxer or have been over styling with heat. Gently massage a vitamin E rich oil (such as coconut) into hair and scalp prior to shampooing. This will improve hydration and shine.

Rule #2: The Pre-shampoo Rinse

Rinse all product out of hair before adding shampoo, whether it’s a pre-shampoo treatment or left over styling gel from the night before. Your shampoo will do a better job cleansing the hair when most other impurities have been removed and will result in less build up.

Rule #3: Use professional, salon grade shampoo and conditioner

Using the inexpensive supermarket shampoo will actually dry your hair out and cause more damage than not washing your hair altogether. The culprit: sulfates. Sulfates are added to cosmetic products to produce suds, but they can actually damage hair follicles resulting in hair loss (as well cause damage to the environment and to your immune system in large volumes). Overall, the stuff is bad and should be avoided. Our favorite at Studio 27 is Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Cream Rinse by Paul Mitchell as they are sulfate free and help keep the hair moisturized. The conditioner adds incredible shine and helps to detangle wet locks.

Rule #4: Don’t wash your hair everyday

Over washing your hair is bad for two reasons: it can both dry out your hair and make it oilier. There is no perfect number of days you should go between washes, it’s different for each person and how active they have been. However, washing your hair every day is a no-no because it strips the hair of natural oils, drying out your tresses. Then, after a while, your scalp will start to produce more sebum (the oil your skin and scalp produces) to overcompensate for the loss of oil you wash away every day. Go with what works best for you.

Rule #5: Using hot water

Using hot water can cause the scales on the hair’s cuticles to lift and opens up the pores on the strands. Result: the color is stripped and your hair can become frizzier and dryer. The easy solution is to use cold water which will help to retain moisture and make hair shinier. If a cold shower doesn’t seem appealing, use at least lukewarm water to reduce damage to your mane.

Shampooing may came second nature, but pay a little more attention to proper shampooing to improve the overall health of your hair.

Stop by STUDIO 27 for a free consultation and let us help you choose a shampoo and conditioner best for your hair type.