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How Come Virgin Hair Extensions are More Expensive Than Remy Hair Extensions?

Boston's Best Virgin Extensions

And now we’re left comparing the best.

Quite honestly…

Comparing remy and virgin hair extensions is kind of like comparing two oranges from the supermarket.

The first one you pick up looks ripe, plump and ready to eat. When you take a bite, it’s juicy and tastes just as good as it looked!

And the second one – although a little more expensive – is also ripe and plump. And when you take a bite it tastes just as amazing.

But this second one comes with a little green sticker on it that says organic. Which means the orange has not been genetically modified and has been grown without the use of chemical pesticides. Since extra care is taken when growing an organic orange, it means the price is typically a little higher as well.

And that’s pretty much the deal between Remy Hair Extensions and Virgin Hair Extensions…

Both of these extension types are made from real remy hair. And if you’re not quite sure what makes hair remy then check out our blog which covers everything you need to know about remy hair extensions.

Briefly, remy hair is hair that is collected and kept in it’s natural free-flowing form. Meaning, all the cuticles stay flowing in the same direction. This makes sure that hair doesn’t tangle up to create a frizzy mess that’s tough to deal with.

So no matter where you buy your hair from, make sure the vendor only sells reliable and trustworthy authentic remy hair.

STUDIO 27 has partnered with GLAM Seamless for all of our Virgin and Remy Hair Extensions. This way we can 100% guarantee that all of our hair is ethically sourced virgin or remy hair. And being a GLAM Certified salon, we even get discounts and savings which we pass on to our clients. So if you’re ready for a free 30-minute consultation just call the salon at 857-239-8400.

What’s the difference between remy and virgin hair extensions?

Remember, virgin hair extensions come with that green organic sticker. And here’s what that actually means when it comes to hair extensions:

1. Virgin Hair is ALWAYS Collected from a Single Donor

This means that hair is never mixed and matched. Sometimes with remy hair, even though it is kept flowing in the same direction they will mix and match hair from different donors. This isn’t the biggest deal, but virgin hair from a single donor assures that each strand flows smoothly with each other and there is no microscopic differences between strands.

2. Virgin Hair is Not Processed with Harsh Chemicals

To be virgin hair, harsh chemicals can’t be used when processing the hair. After hair is collected companies put their products through a number of cleaning, processing, and coloring procedures to get the hair prepared and ready. With virgin hair you’re guaranteed that no harsh chemicals are used during this process. We choose to partner with GLAM as they ethically source all of their hair. Additionally, they have a 12-step Eco-friendly processing procedure that makes sure hair is kept in its natural virgin state.

3. Virgin Hair Extensions Can Last Up to 24 Months

Virgin extensions can actually last 2X as long as Remy Hair Extensions. This is because the hair is never treated with harsh chemicals so it retains all of its natural defense mechanisms. Remy hair extensions last up to 12 months, but with virgin hair extensions you can usually get 24 months out of them with proper care.

Now that you know the differences between virgin and remy hair….

Have you taken the time to check out our other blogs on hair extensions? We’ve put together an entire series that can turn you into an extension expert.

So check out the start of our series where we cover the reasons why you don’t want glue-based or bonded hair extensions. These are the extension types that can cause severe damage to your natural hair and scalp.

And then after that, make sure you’re up to date on the most requested extension type in salons worldwide: Tape-In Hair Extensions. Then, if you want to find out the details on how remy hair is collected and what makes it remy hair then check out the 3 Things You Need To Know About Remy Hair.

Now that you know it all when it comes to the latest hair extensions…..

The next step is to setup a free no-obligation 30-minute consultation with one of CERTIFIED Extensionistas. This will give you the chance to ask any questions you might still have. And we can sit down and go over the different options that will blend in best with your natural hair. So give us a call at 857-239-8400 to setup your free consultation.


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