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Boston’s Mens Haircuts Explained: Salon, Barber Shop or Hair Shop?


Typically, the more options we have the better. Like when you are in the market for a new car…

You can go to the junk lot which features clunkers which will get you down the road, but for how long?

Or – maybe you start with a used car lot. They have a wide variety of used automobiles. Some of the cars are decent, but you have to have a good eye to make sure you don’t get a lemon.

Then you have the fancy new car lots. These lots are shiny, extravagant, and full of excitement – but they can also be expensive – and if you don’t shop carefully – you end up spending more than you should have.

But, what’s this have to do with hair? Stick with me for just one second longer to find out…

When shopping for a car, we usually narrow it down to one or two types of lots – but that still leaves us with hundreds of different lots and thousands of different cars.

It usually takes us multiple weekends, and countless hours of computer time until we stumble across that one-of-a-kind car lot that has the perfect car at an amazing price!

Now, shopping for haircuts is a little easier than shopping for a car – but it’s actually more comparable than you might think. There is hundreds – if not thousands – of salons, barber shops, and hair shops in Boston. And then each of these salons has a multitude of different stylists.

So as you can see, the situation is actually quite similar.

So how do you choose?

Just as buying a car, it’s important to narrow down your search before you go shopping. So let’s explain the main differences between Boston Salons, Barber Shops, and Hair Shops:

1. Typical Walk-In Hair Shop …. The Clunker Cut

Just as with the junk lot full of old clunker cars, the walk-in franchise hair shops deliver a clunker cut each and every time. A clunker cut is a cut that doesn’t take in to account your facial features and head structure.

It’s basically a one-size fits all haircut that is barely acceptable when you walk out of the salon – let alone a week or two down the road when the extra growth makes the uneven lines stand out even more.

2. Age Old Barber Shop … The Classic Buzz Cut

And then we get to those old barber shops that seem like an upgrade from the Hair Shop until we walk in and see the huge poster with numbers on it that show the different hair cuts they feature. If this doesn’t scare you off, the buzzers should!

If your lucky enough, there will be a few people waiting, and this gives you enough time to see that everyone is walking out with a buzz-cut that looks exactly the same. Now to be up front, most barber shops at least know how to get the fade right, which is a step up from the Clunker Cut.

But we all know that the buzz cut may do fine in a pinch – but when we want something to make us stand out from the crowd, we need more than just a standard buzz and fade.

3. Chic Hair Salon … The Luxury Cut

And then you have the cream of the crop – the Chic Hair Salon featuring The Triple Digit $$$ Luxury cut. Now, these salons will deliver a decent cut, usually even a scissor cut – but the price is cost prohibitive.

Who wants to spend near triple digit prices every month for a decent haircut? And unlike car lots, you can’t really haggle for price at a salon.

So what’s the verdict?

Well, it’s pretty clear. If you want a decent haircut then the only category to consider is the Hair Salon. But, as we mentioned, we know you don’t want to spend $60, $80, $100+ dollars on a haircut every month.

And that’s exactly why we would like to introduce you to option #4:

4. STUDIO 27 Hair Salon – The Gentleman’s Cut

Here at STUDIO 27, we recognized the Mens Haircut dilemma and came up with the perfect solution. Our Signature Gentleman’s Cut starts with a Precision Scissor Cut that gives you triple-digit style without the hefty price tag. Then, after you’re amazed with your new look, we go straight to the shampoo bowl for a brief yet relaxing spa-like scalp massage and shampoo. And finally – we style you up so you can walk out of the salon and get back to doing what you do best.

At this point, the only thing left is the price. And just like that one-of-a-kind car lot that delivered the car of your dreams at a price lower than all of the competitors – we made sure to keep the price as low as possible – as our goal is to become the #1 Salon for Mens Haircuts in all of Boston.

Instead of those triple digit prices, we’re delivering the same level of service for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE. Here at STUDIO 27, you can get our Signature Gentleman’s Cut for only $38!!

We’ve done the research, and we are officially the lowest price salon in Boston delivering a Precision Scissor Cut that is custom crafted to make you look and feel your best each and every time.

So if your sick of looking around for that needle in a haystack barber shop that gives a decent cut, or tired of paying high prices for a Luxury Cut at another salon – Call STUDIO 27 at 857-239-8400 or CLICK HERE to book your Gentleman’s Cut appointment online.

P.S. For a limited time, we’re including our Tea Tree Treatment absolutely FREE! This is typically a $16 specialty hair treatment which gives a little extra shine and softness to your new haircut. Book your appointment today, and the Tea Tree treatment comes with it, absolutely free!

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