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Boston’s Best Weave – Edition #2: Two BIG Problems with Buying Hair Online

No Hassle Buying Hair Online

Over the years, we’ve heard our fair share of home-made weave horror stories. And recently, it seems the number of problems is constantly going up. Here at STUDIO 27, we believe part of this problem is due to so much information being available on-line – it’s honestly hard to tell who can can be trusted these days!

With all the superstars getting weaves and extensions – it’s no wonder the virgin hair and weave industry has been EXPLODING! Although this explosion has brought much publicity – it has also lured con-artists who only want to make a quick buck in the hair market.

To help fight back, we’ve started this blog series, Boston’s Best Weave, and it’s where we’re sharing our years of insight related to virgin hair and weaves! If you’re considering buying hair online and then having your weave installed by a friend or neighbor, please do yourself a favor and read the rest of this article, also please check out 3 Ways To Spot A Non-Professional Weave. Our insight will hopefully have you reconsider risking the damage and problems that come with a non-professional weave.

Over the years in our salon, we’ve found that there is a lot of people who have had a HORRIBLE experience with a weave in the past. When asked about what happened, so many of the stories start the same….. And that’s with low quality hair that has been purchased on-line. To sum it up, here is the top two problems our customers have experienced when shopping online for hair:

Weave Problem #1: Discount Online Hair Retailer Scams & Tricks

Recently, we’ve seen hundreds of websites launched by con-artists and crooks who use advertisements and sales like “BUY 1 GET 1 FREE” or “50% OFF VIRGIN HAIR” to lure customers into buying shady merchandise.

What’s so shady about these websites? They lie about the products being sold! We’ve seen it happen MANY times – a customer purchases Virgin Indian Hair, but receives a cheap synthetic blend of hair that is typically straight from China! This hair tangles and mangles, and if you’re lucky – only looks good for a couple of weeks.

After this horrific hair buying experience, its understandable why people are hesitant to try hair extensions or a weave ever again! Or, the next time they consider a weave, they go in the opposite direction, and that brings us to our next BIG problem…

Weave Problem #2: Paying Ridiculous Prices to “High-End” Hair Marketing Companies

It’s an honest reaction – if you get scammed – you then search out the most expensive companies to purchase hair from, figuring that it would be impossible to get scammed from them! And in one sense, you’re right, you will get high quality hair! But, you will also be paying 2-3X more than you need to pay!

These “High-End” marketing companies market their hair as exclusive and only available from their company. But really, they are just reselling products imported by the well known hair importers like Indique! They prey on customers who have been scammed by the discounters, as they know these people are easy to trick, and will pay top dollar since they don’t want to receive bundles of tangled disaster ever again!

The Best Professional Weave Solution: Professional Help & Fair Hair Pricing

When getting a weave – don’t try to do it on your own. You may be trying to save a few dollars, but is it really worth the risk? With all the problems and risks associated with shopping for hair online, or even further, the problems with home-made weaves – do yourself a favor – get help from real professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry!

So, come on in to STUDIO 27 – where you get the ultimate combination! Professional Weave Service + Quality Fair Priced Virgin Hair from Indique. We keep our service level high, our prices fair, and do everything we can to maintain our reputation as South End Boston’s #1 Salon for Weaves! Give us a call at 857-239-8400 to set-up a free consultation, or click here to book an appointment online.



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