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Boston’s Best Weave-Edition#1:3 Ways To Spot a Non Professional Weave

Boston's Best Weave Edition1

As we all know, once a weave is in, it’s in! One of the worst possible things to go through EVERY morning is to look in the mirror and have to recite “For how much money I saved, my weave isn’t that bad……..right??” After a few weeks, we actually start believing it’s not that bad, until a friend makes a comment about our hair that brings us back to reality…. “I should not have let Cindy from down the street do my hair… What do I do now?”
It sound’s like a horror story, but unfortunately, it’s all too common in the world of weaves. To become a professional weaveologist – it takes time, training, and as you saw by the story above – mistakes! Do you really want to be someone’s “test head” as they attempt to put your weave in at their house – while dreaming of the day they can afford proper training so they can be hired by a real salon?

The lack of professionals in the world of weaves is a very scary thing to think about, and is exactly the reason we have decided to start this blog series that is all about the Best Weaves in Boston!

Instead of tooting our own horn, or showing off the awards and constant praises we receive here at STUDIO 27, we’re going to show you three mistakes that are commonly found in non-professional weaves. After you read this article, your going to have the eye to spot out bad weaves, and if your considering a home-made weave – PLEASE, do yourself a huge favor…

After you finish this article, spend a week or two trying to spot out bad weaves or home-made weave mistakes while you walk around Boston…. You will definitely spot all three of the below mistakes, and we hope it will help persuade you against risking your beautiful head and hair to someone who does not have the proper training to make sure you don’t end up with:

Weave Mistake #1: Exposed Tracks

This is one of the worst weave mistakes, and not something you want to be flashing around town. Without much experience, it’s easy to make the simple mistake of not leaving out enough hair to cover the tracks, and once the tracks are in – you can’t just go back and fix this horrendous mistake!

Weave Mistake #2: Too Much Volume (TMV)

It’s all too common for potential client’s to request TMV (Too Much Volume), especially when they are coming in for their first weave! The professional weaveologist, knows how to find a good middle ground, where you get that extra volume, but your hair still looks natural! The goal of a weave is to give you beautiful NATURAL looking hair, not TWO head’s or hair combined into one!

Weave Mistake #3: Lumps & Bumps

If your planning to get a curly weave – then you don’t have to worry about this one as much. But, if your going with a natural looking straight weave – lumps and bumps can turn a great weave into a nightmare that makes you not want to go outside. No natural head of hair has lumps or bumps in it, and neither should your weave!

Now you can walk around Boston and spot everyone with a Home-Made Weave Mistake, or other DIY Weave Disasters! We hope this article was informative, and please stay tuned to our blog for the next edition of Boston’s Best Weave!

If your ready for a Professional Weave at an affordable price, call STUDIO 27 today at 857-239-8400 or click here to book your appointment online.

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