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3 Things You Need to Know About Remy Hair Extensions

It’s pretty exciting… Extensions can be the perfect way to transform your look in a simple and easy one hour visit. But before you spend your hard earned cash… It’s really important that you know […]

How Come Virgin Hair Extensions are More Expensive Than Remy Hair Extensions?

And now we’re left comparing the best. Quite honestly… Comparing remy and virgin hair extensions is kind of like comparing two oranges from the supermarket. The first one you pick up looks ripe, plump and […]

How Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Rejuvenate and Revitalize Boston Hair?

Welcome back to the second part of this two blog series. In this blog, we’re going to reveal why tape-in hair extensions have quickly become the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide. But […]

Boston’s Top 10 Mens Hairstyles 2016: What’s Trending Today

These days, the latest trends change so fast that it's almost impossible to stay up to date with whats hot and whats not. This isn't that big of a deal if you're satisfied with your [...]

What Type of Boston Hair Extension is Out-Dated and Causes Damage To Hair?

Some things change so fast. Lets take fashion for example… It seems like every week big name celebrities are changing up their style. I mean, honestly, when does a shirt or outfit still look good […]

STUDIO 27 Recommends: Our Favorite South End Boston Restaurants

I’ve got something to admit… Working in a salon has SO many extra benefits. Not only do we get to stay current on the latest style, fashion, and hair trends – we also get intimately […]

Boston’s Mens Haircuts Explained: Salon, Barber Shop or Hair Shop?

Typically, the more options we have the better. Like when you are in the market for a new car… You can go to the junk lot which features clunkers which will get you down the […]

Three FILLING South End Boston Lunch Specials for Under $10

Are you as fed up as we are with these prices lately? From cars to clothes… fees to fines… everywhere we look… things are only getting more and more expensive. Look at Uber! They just […]

Break up The Day with a Men’s Haircut & Style Experience @ STUDIO 27 Boston

After you got out of bed this morning did you look in the mirror and realize it’s that time of month again? You know the time all too well. It’s when you can still style […]

6 Reasons To Love: GLAM Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions

It’s Official! STUDIO 27 is the first GLAM Seamless Certified Salon in all of Boston!! GLAM offers their certification training program to professional salons who can demonstrate the experience, knowledge, and professionalism

How do I Take Care of my Tape-In Hair Extensions?

A lot of people love the look and style of their tape-in seamless hair extensions but then have no idea how to care for them to make them last as long as possible. Lucky for […]

How Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Really Work?

Let’s start with the basics…. We found a great five minute video which we recommend watching to get an introduction to tape-in hair extensions. Elle explains why she likes tape-in extensions and even gives a […]

Wig, Weave, or Clip-ins? 3 Factors to Consider | Boston’s Best Weave – Edition #3

When searching for that perfect new look, it’s tough to know which of the available options will best accomplish our desired goals. If we’re considering a wig, weave, or clip-ins – one thing is obvious, […]

Boston’s Best Weave – Edition #2: Two BIG Problems with Buying Hair Online

Over the years, we’ve heard our fair share of home-made weave horror stories. And recently, it seems the number of problems is constantly going up. Here at STUDIO 27, we believe part of this problem […]

Boston’s Best Weave-Edition#1:3 Ways To Spot a Non Professional Weave

As we all know, once a weave is in, it’s in! One of the worst possible things to go through EVERY morning is to look in the mirror and have to recite “For how much […]

STUDIO 27 Top Treatment: Tea Tree Oil by Paul Mitchell

The Tea Tree Line by Paul Mitchell is quickly becoming our go-to treatment for a shiny tingle that will make your hair feel super soft and smell amazing. You may have even used Tea Tree […]

Three Reasons WE LOVE Virgin Hair by Indique + One Critique

When it comes to virgin hair, we all ask the same questions…. Is the hair worth the price? Where does the hair come from? How can I be assured the hair is processed and cleaned […]

Just In Time For Fall…. New Student Discount Program @ STUDIO 27

Have you ordered your books yet? If not, you better get searching to find the best deals before they are gone. If you have some extra cash left over from your bargain book hunting, or […]

2 Inexpensive & Effective Hair Treatments For Fall Hair Care

The start of August always brings to mind one thing….. SUN!!!! That summer sun is blazing down at full force, making it impossible to think about fall, but it’s only a month away! This summer [...]

Bostons Best Extensions – 2015 Award Winning Salon

Boston, MA – The Improper Bostonian – 05/07/2015 — The 2015 Boston’s Best Awards were just announced, and Blessing won the Best Extensions in Boston! Read more about STUDIO 27 and Blessing Chitanda below and […]

STUDIO 27’s Featured Service: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratriplex Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment

If the early onset of cold has your hair dry and frizzy already, then come get cozy in STUDIO 27’s chair with a warm cup of coffee and conversation with one of our professional stylists […]

When the Season Changes, Change Your Skincare Routine

With the dip in temperature, you may need to dip into some skin saving routines to keep your complexion glowing and dewy once the deep chill of fall and winter creep up. Here’s what our […]

How To Choose a Stylist in Boston

Our hair is a very personal thing. It’s part of what defines us and how we want to be perceived. We groom it to suit our profession, use it as an accessorize our outfits for [...]

Healthy Hair Tips for Boston’s Cooler Weather

Did you know hair is made of dead cells? Don’t let your hair look the part! With an impending drop in temperature, some of us with already dry locks are starting the turn of the […]

Fall Hair Trends

Halloween is over, so it’s time to put away the ‘80s crimper and get that polished look in full effect. We have noticed many fall hair trends this year, here’s the impressive new styles to […]

Swimming Hair Tips to Reduce Damage

With the start of summer comes summer fun. Picnics, BBQs, and pool side shenanigans abound for an unstoppably fun summer. But, all that fun can wreak havoc on your hair, especially the pool. Yes, swimming […]

Ten Tips For Beautiful Spring Ready Hair

Ten Steps For Beautiful Spring Ready Hair Winter’s harsh, cold and dry air can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Battle the breakage with some pampering and hydrating treatments now that […]

Repair Years of Damage in Minutes!

Repair Years of Damage in Minutes! Dry, brittle hair? Frizzy split ends? Lackluster locks? Ugh, the winter can be so harsh, especially on our hair. To get your hair back where is deserves to be, […]

Five Easy To Follow Rules For Proper Shampooing

  You may be asking, “What are you talking about? You lather up, rinse, add conditioner, dry and go!” Sounds simple enough, but most people would be surprised to find that the way they shampoo […]

Top 5 Hairstyles In February 2014 – Viewer Trend Report

Top 5 Hairstyles in February Fans of TheHairstyler.com know that we have thousands of hairstyles on our website, with more added on a regular basis. While we bring you the latest ‘dos straight from the […]

2014 Oscar Hairstyles: Who Styled It Better?

Celebrities pull out all the stops for Hollywood’s night of nights, so you can always expect to see some spectacular looks on the red carpet. This year’s Oscars was no exception, and we’ve compared some […]

The Latest Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Spring is almost here and many ladies out there are ready to go for a brand new short ‘do as the warmer weather approaches. Short hair can flatter any face shape and reflect any style—from punky to […]