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6 Reasons To Love: GLAM Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions

Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions

It’s Official! STUDIO 27 is the first GLAM Seamless Certified Salon in all of Boston!! GLAM offers their certification training program to professional salons who can demonstrate the experience, knowledge, and professionalism that it takes to complete their comprehensive program. Ok, ok, enough of the self boasting. At this point, you’re most likely thinking….

What does all this actually mean to me? And here’s the answer…

It means that STUDIO 27 has the experience necessary to plan, select, and install your tape-in hair extensions so that you can start making heads turn with long luscious locks and volume that you’ve only before dreamed of.

But we’re getting ahead of ourself here. If you don’t know much about tape-in hair extensions, we recommend checking out our Tape-In Hair Extension page which goes into more details about the process, product, and services that we offer here at STUDIO 27.

Now you know what’s available, let’s show off some of the results!! It’s important for you to see and watch exactly what is possible with Tape-In hair extensions, as honestly, the results speak for themselves…     



The above picture is of Jamie’s hair. Jamie has been a long time client of STUDIO 27 – and just recently decided to go with Tape-In extensions by GLAM Seamless. You can just see how the added volume and layering makes all the difference in the world. Jamie was enthused with her new look when she left the salon, and she couldn’t believe that it was all accomplished within a one-hour appointment!

If you’re the video type, check out this quick five minute video we found on YouTube. Alex goes over the reasons why she absolutely loves her GLAM Seamless extensions! After the video scroll down and we’ll reveal the Six Reasons Why STUDIO 27 decided to exclusively partner with GLAM for all our tape-in

The only thing to disregard in the above video is the coupon code mentioned at the end. That coupon is for if you want to buy the products online, which is not the best way to buy GLAM Seamless products. As a CERTIFIED Glam Seamless Salon we can provide lower prices to our clients when you purchase through our salon. Plus, we make sure to select hair that is going to work perfect with your current hair and accomplish that look you’re desiring.

Now that you’ve seen two examples of satisfied clients who absolutely fell in love with how simple and easy it was to get long beautiful hair that is full of volume, let’s reveal the top 6 reasons why we just love tape-in extensions by GLAM Seamless

   1. Tape-In Hair Extensions are the MOST POPULAR Hair Extension Method Worldwide

Tape In Hair extensions were recently named the top hair extension method worldwide by Allure Magazine. Since 2014 tape-in hair extensions have been gaining popularity, and they are now the number one type of extension installed by professional salons worldwide. On top of that, celebrities and salon professionals are constantly raving that tape-in extensions give them an easy & painless way to add extra volume and length without the hassle of old school extension methods.

   2. NO Damage, ZERO Hair Loss, Little Maintenance

The beauty of tape-ins is how they are installed in the hair. You don’t have to pull and tug – it’s an easy installation and removal process that doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage to your natural hair. You could even call them no maintenance, but since the hair is such high quality, it lasts much longer than the Keratin which holds the hair in place. So this does require some maintenance to re-install (once every 6-8 weeks), but it’s way cheaper than buying all new hair, which ends up saving you money in the long run!

   3. 100% Real Remy Virgin Hair

Other brands and salons offer cheap tape-in extensions with synthetic hair blends that only last for a wash or two. All of our hair is 100% guaranteed to be REAL REMY hair which will look and act like your normal hair no matter what you decide to put it through.

   4. Quick And Easy 1-HOUR Installation

Tape-ins are so easy, it rarely takes more than an hour for installation, re-application, or removal. The days of 3-4 hour hair appointments are gone! In some rare cases it can take up to 2 hours, but on average you’ll be in and out with a brand new look within an hour.

   5. Wash, Blow, Curl, Tone, or Color Your Hair WITHOUT Any Worries!

The only thing that will change with your tape-in extensions is the beautiful long locks and added volume. You don’t have to change your habits at all. That’s why we love tape-in extensions, you can treat your new hair just like your natural hair. This gives you ultimate freedom over what you want to do with your hair. What other type of extension offers that?

   6.  100% Natural – NO Chemicals – NO Synthetics – ALL Real!

STUDIO 27 has partnered with the the leading tape-in hair extension company to guarantee that we only offer the highest quality hair available. You don’t want fake hair, it doesn’t last! When you come to STUDIO 27 you know you are getting 100% Certified GLAM Seamless hair that is 100% Real and 100% Remy. It will behave just like your normal hair, and you don’t have to worry about cheap synthetics or adhesives being abrasive to your scalp or natural hair.

STUDIO 27 is South End Boston’s #1 Salon for Tape In Hair Extensions. Click here to schedule an appointment, or call the salon at 857-239-8400 to schedule your free consultation with a GLAM Seamless Certified Tape-In Professional.


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