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3 Things You Need to Know About Remy Hair Extensions

It’s pretty exciting…

Extensions can be the perfect way to transform your look in a simple and easy one hour visit.

But before you spend your hard earned cash…

It’s really important that you know your options.

And since you’re reading about remy hair extensions, we know you’re on the right track.

We’ve already covered the problems and issues with old-school glue-in or bonded extensions. So we truly hope you’re not considering those.

But be careful! Just because hair extensions say Remy, they might still be the Glue-In or Bonded type. And as long you’ve read our blog about Tape-In Extensions then you already know why we feel Tape-In extensions are the only way to go.

So what exactly do they mean by Remy Hair Extensions?

It sounds so complicated. But actually, it’s fairly simple. When it comes to Remy Hair Extensions, here are the three most important things you should know:

1. Every Strand of Your Natural Hair has Thousands of Cuticles – These Cuticles Defend & Protect Hair from the Elements

Wow, hold up a second. Didn’t you say Remy hair is simple? Yes, we did. So let us break down what this all means. Your hair has thousands of cuticles. They combine to form a thin microscopic layer that goes around every strand of hair. Think of cuticles as kind of like scales, they overlap each other to help protect your hair from the elements.

So imagine a scaly like structure for a second. It’s very important that all the scales are going in the same direction. This allows them to work together to build a defense shield around your hair.

But now imagine scales that don’t all go in the same direction. It just won’t work right? When the cuticles are not flowing in the same direction the scales will clash with each other which causes severe tangling and matting since they are constantly getting snagged on other cuticles.

2. Remy Hair Extensions Won’t Tangle or Clash – They are Collected and Stored in a way to Keep ALL Cuticles Flowing in the Same Direction

And this is why you only want Remy Hair Extensions. When they collect the hair, they typically clump all of the hair together in a ponytail so it stays together when cut. This ensures that all cuticles are flowing in their natural direction which provides you with tangle-free extensions that won’t become a frizzy mess.

And another reason why you never want to consider hair that is not 100% Remy is this…

It’s all about where the hair comes from. Where do you think they find hair that is not going in the same direction? Usually, it’s the left over hair that falls to the ground when they are collecting remy hair. This hair is then swept up and clumped together and sold at discount prices to vendors who just want the cheapest hair.

3. Even if it Says Remy…. You Still Need to be Careful! Online discounters and Beauty Shops have been Known to Sell FAKE Non-Remy Hair that is Treated with Harsh Chemicals

We’ve already blogged about why you never want to buy hair online. But with Remy Hair Extensions, you have to be careful about what store you purchase from. And here’s why…

The discount brands that are found online and in beauty shops have been known to buy non-remy hair and then sell it as remy hair. How can they get away with this?

You see, you actually can’t sell non-remy hair, nobody will buy it. Right when you touch the hair it will instantly tangle and get matted. So what they do is treat the hair with a harsh chemical bath that actually strips the cuticles off the hair. After the cuticles are removed from the hair, the hair is rough… vulnerable… and completely unprotected. So they then apply a coating of silicone that wraps around the hair. This gives the hair a shiny and soft finish that looks just like real remy hair. But the problem is, the silicone washes off after a few showers and you’re left with hair that is a mess.

So if you’ve ever purchased hair that quickly changed a few weeks after you bought it, it was because you likely got non-remy hair that was treated with silicone. It has been reported that 90% of the hair sold in beauty stores is low quality wirey and stiff hair that is heavily treated to get it ready for sale.

It’s a lot to worry about, we know. When we were choosing between all of the different hair suppliers, we did some extensive research into the market.

And that’s why we’re passing this information on to you. So remember, if it doesn’t say Remy, you don’t want it! And on top of that, be very careful with who you purchase your hair from.

If you’ve been burned in the past or want to make sure you get 100% Guaranteed Remy Hair then you can count on STUDIO 27. We’re a GLAM Seamless Certified Salon. GLAM is one of the largest and well known hair importers and suppliers in the country. They make sure to ethically source all of their hair, and they only sell 100% Guaranteed Remy Hair.

Ready to truly transform your hair with a quick and easy appointment? Or just have a few questions about extensions that you want to get answered?

Give us a call at 857-239-8400 to setup your free 30 minute consultation. We’ll sit down with you and answer any questions you may have. And it’ll give us the time to see what colors and styles will blend best with your natural hair.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free. It’s Easy. And it’s a no-obligation way for you to find out everything you need to know to decide if extensions are right for you. Call STUDIO 27 at 857-239-8400 and we’ll setup your free 30-minute consultation.

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