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2 Inexpensive & Effective Hair Treatments For Fall Hair Care

Boston's Best Fall Hair Care

The start of August always brings to mind one thing….. SUN!!!! That summer sun is blazing down at full force, making it impossible to think about fall, but it’s only a month away! This summer has been a blast and the sun, although damaging to our hair and skin, entices us out of our homes and invites us to partake in those summer activities that lighten up our days and bring a smile to our faces. While our favorite skin care products should be protecting our skin from UVA and UVB rays, what about our hair?

Most of us, only think about how to protect our skin, leaving our hair to take the majority of these harmful rays all summer long. Lucky for us, we have some perfect Fall Hair Care treatments that will erase the damage caused by the sun, restoring your hair to its natural soft and shiny state all for less than it costs to get your haircut!

So keep on enjoying those summer activities guilt free as you will soon know how to erase those Summer Hair Symptoms with either of these two Effective & Inexpensive Fall Hair Care Treatments:

 Summer Hair Condition:
Rough & Course Hair, Layering Issues, Frizz, & Color Fade

Damaged Summer Hair STUDIO 27
Recommended Treatment: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratriplex™ Treatment

When your skin is rougher than usual and your current moisturizer just isn’t cutting it anymore, you run to the store to replace it, right? It’s the same with your hair, when your conditioner and shampoo isn’t keeping up with the damage caused by the elements, it’s time to consider a professional hair treatment to restore that beautiful soft hair of yesterday.

Paul Mitchell’s Keratriplex Treatment is our go-to pick to soften and smoothen hair in one sitting, and the results last for weeks. Studies have shown that a single treatment can reduce breakage of up to 80%, improve shine up to 35%, and reduce color fade up to 67% when applied correctly.

Summer Hair Condition:
Dull, Dry, Damaged, Thick, Coarse, or Unruly Hair

Dull Dry Hair Example

Recommended Treatment:
Marula Oil Intensive Masque Treatment
Results: Marula Oil has actually been used in the skincare industry for years and has been recently re-formulated to do wonders for the hair. Marula Oil is a natural product from the Marula tree and is packed with powerful antioxidants, oleic acids, protein, and vitamins, which start working with only one application and will hydrate, replenish, moisturize and protect the hair from the sun and other harmful elements.

Restoring your hair’s softness and getting rid of that summer mangle doesn’t have to be expensive! Take advantage of our special prices on the above two treatments before fall is in full swing. You can schedule your Hair Treatments online by clicking here, or by calling the salon at 857-239-8400 with any questions or for a free consultation.


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