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Inca Glow $25 off...

  Inca Glow by Global Keratin is quickly becoming the favorite detangling, taming, and straight...

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Boston Tape-In Extensions Special

$199 Tape-In Hair Extension Special – ...

Now you can get Tape-In hair extensions professionally installed without having to worry that the in...

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Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment by Paul ...

We’re so excited about the new Tea Tree Experience by Paul Mitchell – we’ve decided to...

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People Love Us On Yelp

Get 10% Off Your First Visit When You Check-I...

If you’re new to the area, or just new to STUDIO 27, we’re very excited to meet you and want to ...

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The Best GK Treatment Studio 27

$25 OFF The Inca Glow Treatment – The Ultim...

To help you untangle and repair the damage caused by the summer sun, we’ve decided to knock $25 o...

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Schedule Free Weave Consultation

Schedule your FREE 30 Minute Weave Consultati...

Ever thought about getting a weave, but not sure what style will look best on you? If that’s t...

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Our Services and Products

Studio 27 Hair Removal Waxing


Are you ready for a quick and easy hair removal process that you don’t have to repeat every da...

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Boston's Best Black Hair Care

Black Hair Care

Lets face it… We can’t go to any neighborhood salon and expect that they will be able to pro...

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Boston's Best Weaves STUDIO27


  Are you considering a weave but don’t know who to trust? Well, we’re glad you fou...

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Men's Haircuts Pomp Boston's Best

Men’s Haircut & Style

These days, it’s almost impossible to find a good mens haircut. You know what we’re talk...

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Brunette Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Are you ready for a hair extension experience that will give you longer locks and volume in one quic...

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Boston's Best Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Our hair treatments are the perfect way to help restore your hairs natural beauty and shine. STUDIO ...

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Boston's Best Studio 27 Women’s Haircut

Hair Cutting & Styling

If you are looking to trim your tresses, whether you want a short, modern style or just need to trim...

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Hair Color Boston’s Best Studio 27

Hair Coloring

If you want to brighten up your style with a bit of color, choosing STUDIO 27 for your hair coloring...

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Boston's Best Care For Extensions

Hair Extensions

If long locks are your style, then STUDIO 27 can help you achieve the look by adding flowing, beauti...

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Boston's Best Hair Relaxers Studio 27

Hair Relaxers

If you prefer the ease of styling a relaxed head of hair, it’s important to make sure that the che...

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Customer Feedback

I noticed you guy’s didn’t have many testimonials from men, so to say thanks I spent some time writing about my experience at your salon: Before I found you guys I was going all the way over to back bay to get my haircut. Now I can just walk over. For some reason I always prefer male stylists, but it’s hard to find one with any talent. I got my haircut by Leno and was completely happy with the cut. I was a little worried beforehand because I’m always nervous going to someone new, but I could tell right away Leno knew his stuff. He was very friendly, your salon had a great vibe going on, and I’m happy to say i’ll be a regular. Thanks, Jezz R

Jezz R.

As a student it is hard for me to find the time and money to get my hair done. STUDIO 27 is a god sent ! I was able to book an appointment with Lana, and got a fantastic color process done, complete with highlights and a trim without breaking the proverbial bank! She was friendly and accommodating, I felt completely comfortable coming in as a new customer. I will for sure be back.

Lisa Parker

My problem with stylists is they never know how to interpret what I want. You know – you tell them one thing and you can get another thing. This was not the case at STUDIO 27. Blessing made sure to re-word what I said in ‘Salon Etiquette’ that I understood and made sure she understood everything I said before she started. Spending this extra time upront made a huge difference and im extremely happy with my hair. Top Notch Salon – Recommended 100%!!


I have recommended many friends and acquaintances to Blessing, and have never heard anything back but praise and thanks! I have assured her, but will say it here as well, I will remain one of her many satisfied and loyal customers!

Anne D.

I love the work Blessing did with my hair. I decided to go blonde and really love it – you can tell Blessing loves what she does, her attention to detail is hard to find!


I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how impressed I was with my recent visit to your salon. I was taken aback by the shampoo and massage that came with my haircut. It wasn’t the fact that you included it, but it was the service then Synei (I know this is spelled incorrect, sorry about that) gave. She is a true charm, the massage was longer than the typical free shampoo that I have received before, and overall she put a smile on my face, which sometimes is a tough thing to do! 🙂


I finally got over my fear of dying thanks to STUDIO 27. I don’t know I was so freaked out, maybe it was the smell, or just not knowing what it would look like until it’s done. I’ve actually cancelled appointments before as I just couldn’t walk in the door to do it. But I got over my fears and walked in and then met Blessing who was a charm. She talked me out of the fear, even become a friend, and earned a customer for life! Thanks Blessing!!!


I have been going to Blessing for that last 6 years & she is definitely the best in the business. She will have you in & out in no time and your hair with feel and look amazing.Great customer service, always flexible with appointments. Once you go to her, you will definitely come back.”

Sarah C.

I highly recommend STUDIO 27 – they do amazing work!

Mitch Campbell

I’m pregnant and wanted to make sure no ammonia products were used in the Salon on the day of my visit, so I called the salon and Blessing made sure to schedule me in the morning and promised she would not schedule any treatments in the whole salon before or during my haircut…. How can you get better service than that? Thank you so much for your extra care, you went above and beyond to make sure I’m satisfied – that’s more than I can say for some of the other places I called!


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